Monitoring and analyzing digital content using AI and Big Data

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RASID is used to monitor and analyze digital content on social media, websites, newspapers, electronic magazines, and print newspapers.

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Platform Features

RASID helps to bridge the gap between the institution and the beneficiary by putting the institution in the best possible position to deal with issues related to its competencies.

Prediction of important topics

RASID makes it easier to predict important topics that are likely to emerge in the near future and prepare for them.


Managing Suggestions

By dealing with submitted suggestions, RASID contributes to the improvement of the institution's work performance.

Immediate reporting of emergency events

RASID immediately reports on emergency events and urgent issues raised in various media and social media, which encourages interaction and prompts action at the most appropriate time.


Dealing with fake content

RASID analyses remorse and determine their source, the observer of social media posts analyses the accounts that publish and analyses the hashtags that cause the rise or disappearance of the trend.

Sentiment Analysis

RASID facilitates the use of the results of monitoring and analysing public opinion perceptions and sentiments in a way that contributes to the formulation of various media messages to be disseminated in various media and that serves the institution's policies and plans.


Support Decision Maker

RASID provides decision-makers with insights into topics within the institution's competence and is published and distributed in various media to facilitate decision-making and modify media pumping or marketing policy.

Target Sectors

RASID is the leading platform for monitoring and analyzing content on social networking sites using artificial intelligence techniques, with services available in the following industries.






- Media Consulting

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Leisure and Travel

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